The health care profit picture


Everyone’s concerned about health care costs. And everyone has an opinion about the causes. Many people think that insurer profits are the problem – but the facts tell a different story. We’re a not-for-profit company, which means we aren’t owned by shareholders looking for dividends or ever-increasing revenues. Our status allows us to earn smaller margins than our for-profit competitors, but ... [Read More]

Would you pay $48 for a gallon of milk?

Several gallons of milk

Like almost everything, the cost of milk has been creeping up over time. But would you pay $48 for a gallon of it? If the cost of milk increased at the same rate as health care costs, $48 is exactly what you’d be paying. It’s no secret that medical costs are going up. In 2011, the United States spent $2.7 trillion on health care [1. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. National Health ... [Read More]