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Every year, the cost of health care rises. And every year, consumers carry a bigger burden in terms of their out-of-pocket spending on health care – from hospital stays to doctor visits to prescription drugs. Also growing is the need for and desire of consumers to become more knowledgeable about their choices and what they can do to decrease their costs. This responsibility of health care ... [Read More]

BlueCross works for better health outcomes

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Advanced terminal illness can be a huge challenge. Patients are often exhausted and in pain, and many suffer though several unwanted or unnecessary trips to the hospital or emergency room. BlueCross recently established a pilot partnership with Nashville's Aspire Health to address the quality-of-life issues that many people face in this situation. The partnership provides 24-hour, personalized ... [Read More]

BlueCross Committed to Public Health

Your health care needs are complex, and so is our national system of providing care. As more and more people nationwide, including many Tennesseans, have become consumers of health care through the Affordable Care Act and the Marketplace Exchange, we’ve all had to learn how to become advocates for our own health through making knowledgeable decisions about how and where we receive ... [Read More]

BlueCross Wellness Incentive Programs Help Employers Boost Workplace Engagement

How you improve employees’ health at an auto plant may be different than how you drive health changes for the staff at a bank. That’s why regardless of the company, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee can customize wellness incentive programs to motivate long-term behavior change across a workforce’s range of health statuses and clinical conditions. With nearly 70 percent of U.S. companies ... [Read More]

BCBST hosts Medicare Advantage Community Information Meetings

As Open Enrollment for 2015 Medicare coverage begins, BlueCross wants to ensure that Medicare-eligible adults in Tennessee understand their Medicare Advantage options so they can receive the care they need in the coming year. BCBST will host community information meetings in cities throughout the state throughout the months of October, November and December. Meetings are free and open to the ... [Read More]