Prescription Drugs’ Sizable Share of Health Spending

The cost of prescription drugs is the hot health-care issue, but almost every discussion about it includes this caveat: As big a problem as rising drug prices have been for consumers and payers, drug spending represents only 10% of national spending on health. Yet, as the chart above shows, drug spending represents almost double that share of health spending (19%) in employer health insurance ... [Read More]

‘They Put a Price on My Life’: Cost of Cystic Fibrosis Drugs Is Sky-High

"Why are drug companies charging so much?" "How can they set their prices so high?" Lester Holt and the NBC News Nightly News team take those issues on directly as patients, like Klyn Elsbury, face exorbitant costs -- more than $300,000 a year -- for one cystic fibrosis drug. Check out last night's story, "'They Put a Price on My Life': Cost of Cystic Fibrosis Drugs is Sky-High.'' For more ... [Read More]

Insurers Find Out-Of-Network Bills As Much As 1,400 Percent Higher

It’s no surprise that patients have to pay extra money when they visit doctors or hospitals outside of their insurance plan’s network. However, the actual price differences are staggering. According to a recent analysis, “Out-of-network providers charged patients on average 300 percent more than the Medicare rate for certain treatments or procedures. […] Some treatments were even more exorbitant ... [Read More]

New prescription drugs can help patients, but their high prices elicit ire

Highly effective specialty drugs have sparked debate between patients, insurance companies and doctors alike. Despite the potential benefits these drugs may offer, they come at a very high price, and some are wondering if it’s actually worth it. Read the full story here. ... [Read More]

Health care prices vary wildly: What can you do?

Choosing a doctor or hospital for medical care can be frustrating. The same exact procedure can vary in price from city to city, and there’s no clear-cut way for patients to weigh all of their options. For this reason, BlueCross launched an online financial planning tool, which allows our members to get estimates on what a common service or procedure might cost. These estimates are customized ... [Read More]