How painful will health care costs be in 2016?

The once-torrid growth rate of health care costs has slowed markedly, at least for now, and should maintain a more languid pace into the New Year and beyond. But why? The answer ranges far beyond the ebbing of general price escalation for other things, such as apartment rentals and new cars. Read the full story here. ... [Read More]

Patients Struggle With High Drug Prices

The pharmaceutical industry, after a long drought, has begun to produce more innovative treatments for serious diseases that can extend life and often have fewer side effects than older treatments. Last year, the Food and Drug Administration approved 41 new drugs, the most in nearly two decades. Read the full story here. ... [Read More]

HHS creates new way to explore Medicare prescription-drug spending

Federal health officials unveiled an online tool Monday that will allow the public and policymakers to explore the financial burden that scores of high-expense drugs place on the Medicare program and the nation’s seniors. Read the full story here. ... [Read More]

Health Care’s Price Conundrum

The more expensive it is, the better it must be. That’s how people used to think about health-care costs. As has become apparent in recent years, however, this is flat wrong. The costs of care vary wildly depending on where you live—by three hundred per cent or more, as I reported in “The Cost Conundrum,” in 2009. And research has found no consistent relationship between cost and quality across ... [Read More]

Hospital prices show ‘mind-boggling’ variation across U.S. driving up health care costs

The prices hospitals negotiate with health insurance companies vary enormously within and across geographic regions in the United States, according to a new study coauthored by a Yale economist. Read the full story here. ... [Read More]